Current Property Holdings

Maury County Investments  (MCI) purchases and restores historic properties in Mount Pleasant from the inside out  in order to create both functional and aesthetically pleasing business and residential spaces. 

Below is a compilation and brief description of buildings currently owned by MCI.

106 North Main

106 N. Main Street is a 2,400 sf building divided into retail and apartment.

107-109 North Main - The Perk Spot Coffee Shop and The Loft at 109 Airbnb

107-109 North Main is 2,612 sf with "The Perk Spot Coffee Shop" located on the bottom floor, and "The Loft at 109" an 1,292 sf two bedroom/two bath Airbnb loft apartment above it.

107-109 Public Square

107-109 Public Square is a 4,700 square foot building, separated into 3 sections:

(1)Main Floor (2) Apartment (3) Basement. 

108 Haylong Avenue

108 Haylong Ave. is a 1,992 square foot building that is currently occupied by Mindful Palm, a massage therapy and wellness studio. It is located next door to Too Much Stuff Emporium.


108-110 North Main - (Tailored Tumbleweed Salon & Boutique)

108-110 North Main is currently occupied by Tumblewood Boutique & Salon, with an undeveloped upstairs apartment space. 

111 North Main - (CDC & Art Gallery)

111 North Main Street is a 2,388 sf building with the Community Development Corporation as the main floor tenant and an 1,188 sf art gallery on the second floor.

111 Public Square/202 South Main

111 Public Square/202 South Main Street has two retail spaces on the street level, one of which is retail ready, and the other side is currently available for development. The upstairs is  currently being considered for a boutique hotel application.

112-116 North Main - (Paperweight Printing)

1112-116 North Main Street is a 3,520 sf building leased by Paperweight Printing.

113 North Main - (Jernigan's on Main)

1113 North Main Street is a 8,256 sf building that currently houses Jernigan's on Main on the street level, with upstairs residential development potential. 

119 South Main - (Makers Building)

1119 South Main Street is a 11,280 sf building with plans for street-level business and upstairs living in a "Makers" work/living situation.

117-118 North Main - (Let's Dance and Loft Apartments)

117-118 South Main Street is a 10,578 sf building with the street level occupied  on one side by Let's Dance Studio and the other is a probation office. Architectural designs are in the process to develop four upstairs residential loft apartments. 

118 North Main

118 North Main Street is a 10,578 sf building with two and a half stories.

120 North Main

120 North Main Street is a 2,112 sf brick and block building that currently houses an antique and home goods emporium. 


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